This 2017, Avoid Hard Selling Like the Plague

December 31, 2016

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Let’s start 2017 by getting rid of the concept of hard-selling!

We’re not saying you should never sell yourself, but most of your engagement and content should not revolve around shoving your business into people’s faces. Gordon Tredgold said it best in Entrepreneur’s “8 Ways to Avoid Common Video Marketing Mistakes” by comparing the “hard sell” to be “much like asking your first date to marry you.” It’s tough, we know. You want to get your business out there, you want people to know about it and get involved but you won’t get people involved by being obnoxious about selling yourself. You need to keep it cool, build relationships and make people like you first. We’ll breakdown what we mean below.

Keep It Cool & Build Relationships

Just like Tredgold’s analogy, no one likes someone who’s desperate for your attention. You need to stay cool, calm and collected. Find creative ways to show off your business without selling it. Maybe give your audience a walk through of your business, just to say hello or happy holidays! Show them how you conduct business.

If you run a bakery, use Instagram to create quick movies on how you’re making your pastries. If you run a restaurant, show of f your dishes! Make them pretty. Maybe create video that takes us into the kitchen. Make it fun! Be artistic. If you’re into typography and calligraphy, create videos showing off relevant and timely designs. The point is: let your work speak for you.

By simply showing your awesome creativity and work, your audience will slowly begin to grow. The more genuine, real and interactive you’re being the better. This is where engagement becomes crucial – connect with the people liking your photos! Start finding influencers with similar interests, interact with your current followers and people who you’d like as followers. This step is called “building relationships” because that’s exactly what you want to do. You want to build genuine interactive relationships with fellow platform users who will help boost your credibility and likely, help you promote your business.

Even more so, you’ll start making more than just connections but also, friends!

But seriously, above else, just be cool.