Top 3 Marketing Initiatives From Our Favorite Coffee Companies

September 29, 2022



The Yelling Mule team and coffee – a match made in heaven. In honor of National Coffee Day, here are our top 3 marketing initiatives from our favorite coffee companies. You’ll definitely want to pour a cup of coffee for this one.

1. Starbucks “TuesYays”

During the month of July (2022), Starbucks introduced “TuesYays”, offering 50% off of iced drinks. In the summer iced coffees are definitely a crowd-pleaser, so “TuesYays” could not have been introduced at a more perfect time. This campaign motivated customer activity while setting the incentive for mobile ordering, as it was limited to in-app purchases only. Getting consumers to use the app is important for customer loyalty. Long lines may turn customers away, so having the option to order online ahead of time can lead to an increase in sales. What made this promotion even more compelling was its temporary nature. It only lasted a month, encouraging customers to take full advantage of the deal while they could.

2. Dunkin’s Digital Personality

Dunkin’s digital identity clearly reflects back to its colorful and bold branding. Dunkin’ utilizes all social media platforms to stay on top of trends and to remain relevant. Humor and wit are the driving traits adopted by Dunkin’ in order to form relationships with followers online. Engaging, relatable, and shareable posts are their specialty. The “Rejected Gen-Z Taglines” post certainly did not fall short of this strategy, incorporating trending Gen-Z phrases photoshopped onto various billboard advertisements.

3. Javy’s approach to UGC

Javy is an emerging coffee company recognized for selling “Coffee Concentrates”. Understanding the current digital trends, Javy utilizes all social media platforms and put a focus on Tik Tok in 2021. User generated content created a large part of this success, as Javy sent products out to users in exchange for video content. According to stats from Business Wire, 79% of consumers are more influenced by UGC, while 13% of users remain influenced by brand content. Without a doubt, the current digital landscape is transforming. Taking more creative steps to lead consumers is becoming increasingly necessary. Javy nailed this approach.

All using different tactics in digital marketing, Starbucks, Dunkin’, and Javy certainly found a way to make everyday National Coffee Day for consumers. These unique initiatives are great examples of how marketing strategies can truly draw in an audience and motivate customers.

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