What is a Chatbot?

December 15, 2022

Tips & Tricks

Web Design

A chatbot is a conversational program stemming from artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning that essentially holds a conversation with a human user. It’s a growing technology system that allows businesses to add a layer of fast acting automation to aid in customer service resolution, inquiries, and sales. When applied, this sort of system works around the clock to provide services where need be. 

Chatbots are taught to mimic natural human language to provide assistance through text or voice messaging. They process data provided by the user and generate a response based on programming. Chatbots interpret pre-existing conversational data and analyze the correct or ideal responses. Over time, these programs collect all answers to asked questions, and can narrow down the most accurate response. This way, they are constantly becoming more and more accurate sources. By relying on existing data, they can typically resolve most needs quickly. A lot of times, people are asking the same or similar questions as others.

Ever see a message bubble in the corner of a web page? Does it ever welcome you to the site? Or ask if you need help? That’s a chatbot. Chatbots can be extremely beneficial systems for businesses to apply to their sites. They increase personalized engagement by starting conversation directed towards each user. By doing this, they help make visitors feel heard and guide the consumer experience. To optimize future bot interactions, the data from each conversation is collected to continue to tailor each conversation more effectively. This overtime can result in an increase of leads or sales. Imagine pitching or guiding every single consumer that visits your site on top of all of your other responsibilities? Chatbots take on some of this workload by working and processing information 24/7.