What to Know About Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

October 12, 2023

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Artificial intelligence has been making quite an impact, especially as it has become more accessible to businesses over the years. In this blog, we will be sharing different AI generators, and how AI is being utilized.


What is AI?

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that can create original text, images, art, etc. They are trained on large datasets, allowing them to learn patterns and relationships in data.


While the results may sound like the tone of a human, AI cannot perceive or feel things. AI pulls information from online data at its disposal, but it can provide users with false information. There are three types of  generators to choose between when exploring this technology: chat, search, and image generators.


  1. Chat: AI chatbots simulate human conversations
    1. Claude
    2. ChatGPT
  2. Search: AI acts as a copilot for searches
    1. Bing
    2. Bard by Google
  3. Image generator: Creating images from written descriptions
    1. DALL-E
    2. Midjourney


Some people have claimed that artificial intelligence has lied to them, but this is false because lying is a verb that applies to humans. While the tool provided information that was not factual, that does not mean we can claim the AI was lying.


AI in the Field

Now that we have this technology, what does that mean for the workforce and job market?

As of 2023, artificial intelligence is disrupting and adjusting our work today but is not replacing all jobs.

In the last 200 years, every new wave of technology has changed and challenged the job market. Inventions often improve our productivity and make it so that we can accomplish more than ever before at a faster rate.


Technology can make our lives easier, but productivity goals rise too, so the workload is never lessened. What once took us three months now takes one month, so the goal post gets moved back so that you do 3x the work every month regardless of the fact it took longer before.

Some jobs die off with time, but new professions come out of new necessities from technology.


Utilizing AI in Marketing

A few ways to start integrating this technology into your marketing strategy is by trying ChatGPT to brainstorm. You can prompt the AI to provide you with content or blog ideas in your niche. Copywriting captions for social media is another thing you can attempt with this tool.  Refining ideas in the system can also be done. The possibilities for marketing applications are truly endless!

A lot of the outputs from AI can be rough drafts that act as a good starting point. This technology is capable of generating copy or content faster than you, which can then allow you to spend your time fine-tuning and specializing the content to your unique business.


Tips for Prompting:

  • Provide context  and details
  • Use “act as…”
  • Frame the response
  • Ask AI to provide you with questions
  • Iterate on past prompts
  • Collect examples to show AI what you want


Considerations Before Using

Before integrating AI into your marketing, it’s important to be conscious of the problematic aspects that stem from its existence. To run artificial intelligence, large amounts of energy and water need to be used, which has a detrimental impact on the climate.


Privacy is also a concern and something to be cautious of when you are plugging information into the platform. There is not necessarily cyber security built into these platforms yet, so avoid inputting sensitive data or work about yourself or others into the chat boxes.


When using AI, we must acknowledge that questionable practices are occurring in the sense of copyright, plagiarism, and people not getting recognition. Another problematic feature is that if the computer finds information from hateful or biased sources, then the data it shares will only continue reinforcing those biases.


These are just some of the ethical factors that must be taken into account before using generative AI.


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