Why We Love Monday.com

February 10, 2022

Small Business

Creating a seamless workflow for projects is key no matter the industry they are affiliated with. Here at Yelling Mule, we use a project management software system called Monday.com. Every client that comes through our funnel is fully integrated with the Monday platform and a personalized project timeline is generated for them. In this post we are highlighting a few of our favorite qualities and updates Monday.com has implemented over the years.

Multiple Project Views

From basic timelines to full calendar views, Monday.com delivers when it comes to multiple project views. Depending on your need you can easily view day to day tasks or the whole scope of a project. Monday.com also lets you see what your team is up to along with the deliverables they are responsible for.  

User Friendly 

Onboarding a new client has never been easier! No matter their level of tech savviness, all of our clients have been able to make a seamless transition to using Monday.com. The system offers an easy to use interface. Everything is color coded and organized in a way that is intuitive to the user. Typically, if a user runs into any questions we can easily direct them to hundreds of online tutorials covering a variety of user scenarios. Monday.com also provides a 24/7 support team which is super helpful. You can contact them via live chat for assistance and they will help walk you through the platform. 

Customizable Timelines

One of the biggest draws to Monday.com is its customizable timelines. In our line of work, we have a standard process to follow but every project is different. Clients come to us with different needs and goals to achieve, so it was important for us to incorporate a project management system that can help cater to that. With every new client we can create an account and board for them based on their overall objectives. 

Fun Unique Features 

Nothing beats a fun creative feature to help breakup the typical day to day workflow. Monday.com has introduced a handful of these throughout the year, but our personal favorite has got to be their new Llama Farm. This widget is designed to display your work tasks in the form of a llama farm. Each llama represents an item on your board and the color of the llamas represents the status for each task. Installation is easy, all you have to do is ‘+ Add Widget’ at the top left of your screen. Then just tap on ‘More’ to launch the widget in Monday.com’s Dashboard Center. Finally select ‘Llama Farm’ and you are good to go!