10 Facebook Marketing Myths

September 16, 2016

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We’re always getting questions about Facebook and to be honest, Facebook can be a terrible beast.

While the struggles faced by many entrepreneurs and businesses are very real, a lot can be accomplished by simply understanding what works and what doesn’t. Here are 10 common Facebook myths debunked for your social media learning pleasure!

1. You should simply ignore negative feedback, it’ll go away!

No! You should never ignore negative feedback. In fact, you should address it quickly and positively. Handle the situation with grace, patience and understanding.

2. Likes make all the difference!

We hate to tell you this but on Facebook, likes don’t make much of a dent. You need to engage on a very real level, which means commenting and chatting with fellow commentators.

3. Forcing Engagement

Asking people to “share this” or “like this” will get attention but not nearly as much as an entertaining or awareness building post. Focusing your efforts on creating fun, unique posts will always drive more traffic than anything else.

4. Social Media Synchronization

Synched posts are always less valued. We are victims of this and are beginning to pull away from posting the same content across our social media platforms (more specifically quotes and social media tips). Why? It’s kind of boring to see the same content on every platform. You need to spice things up to get the people goin’! But seriously.

5. Hashtags

We get so many clients that use hashtags in their Facebook posts. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right! It’s not. Hashtags are pointless on Facebook. They do nothing. Unless you are posting one to promote some special campaign, just don’t. No one wants to see your hashtags on Facebook.

6. Page Tagging

Tagging relevant pages is actually a proven method, however, they must be relevant to the conversation and used in moderation.

7. Organic Reach is down because you post irrelevant content

No always true. There is room for irrelevant content but always in moderation. You want to stay on message and in sync with your brand’s identity.

8. Your posting times suck

Posting times change constantly so this is also a myth. You need to monitor your engagement constantly to see the fluctuations in activity. Make a point to check your Facebook Insights at least once a month to uncover the prime times to post.

9. Brand posts don’t show up on people’s personal news feeds

They show up, they do. It’s helpful to stay in sync with your fans interests. If you’re ever in doubt, ask your fans what type of content they enjoy the most! It’s always good to ask.

10. Only post images

Not entirely true either. Images are great. But more recently, videos have been doing outrageously well. That being said, if your posts are valuable and entertaining, fans will not care what form they are in.

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