4 Reasons Google Analytics Should be Utilized

October 19, 2023



Google Analytics is a great tool that business owners and digital marketers alike should be using and leveraging for their businesses. Tracking and analyzing the data behind your website traffic gives you the ability to better understand your audience, which could lead to an increase in sales or brand awareness. Here are just a few basic benefits of using Google Analytics:


1. Automatic

Once the program is installed you don’t even have to think about collecting data for your website because this application updates automatically in real time.


2. Customization

Your business is unique and so are your needs. Google understands that everyone is interested in different insights, so they allow you to customize your reports.


3. Gather Demographics

See how many people visit, where they come from, and what they click on once on your website.This analytics tool will allow you to examine the data and look for patterns in people and their actions. Any trends, good or bad, can help you make informed decisions and create a strategy for future updates and marketing.


4. Goals

There is also the option to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and conversions (sales, form submissions) happening on your site. It is important to track your progress and see if you are reaching your engagement goals.



Now, before incorporating this tool into your process, it’s important to understand the evolution of Google Analytics. Over the last couple of months, Universal Analytics has been gradually phased out to make room for Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics (GA4) is designed to give you more insight. Its enhanced reporting is capable of tracking and collecting data from both websites and apps, so everything is now on one platform! Google Analytics used to use session-based data but has since been updated to event-based data instead (page view, transaction, user timing, social interaction, etc.). These analytics allow you to better understand the customer journey when people visit your site.

At Yelling Mule, we are big advocates for GA4 and have helped a number of our clients update their websites over to the new platform. If you would like to learn more about GA4 and how your business can benefit, request a call. Our team is available to assist you in training!