Design Trends Visualized for 2019

January 31, 2019




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There is going to be a continued trend of innovative and exciting ways to ramp up your creative designs. Consumers are seeing more advertisements per day than ever before and in order to catch their eye you need have something that makes them stop scrolling.

Adobe Spark recently released their list of the newest visual trends that have been either revamped or discovered recently across various industries and social media platforms. We picked out the top three that stuck out the most to us.

Maximalism and Layering










“Maximalism throws the adage “less is more” out the window, and instead uses bright colors, lots of layering, and bold text to grab attention. We’re seeing this trend pop up all over Instagram, perhaps in response to the minimalism that swept the platform the last few years. Maximalism done well makes a bold visual statement that has the potential stop thumbs in their tracks.”

Bauhaus Style



















“The Bauhaus design movement has been influencing everything from architecture and city planning to typefaces for the last 100 years. Bauhaus favors simple fonts, such as Futura, sparse, open compositions, and strong geometric lines and shapes.”

Asymmetry and Overlapping Elements



















“Orderly grids and symmetrical designs are giving way to something a bit more unconventional. Though the rule of thirds still applies and grids can help lend a sense of order and balance, you can give your design extra allure by placing type outside of grid lines or “breaking” the grid in some way”

With all of this in mind, design is still something that takes a lot of trial and error as we learned from Bekah on our design team. If you would like to hear more about her process, listen to the podcast below!