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September 12, 2019


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Drift, the leading chat software and conversational marketing platform, hosted their yearly event at the Wang Theatre. With absolutely amazing speakers and performers to make it quite a memorable event. The event itself stands alone as a few different things, it covered tech with Drift CTO, Elias Torres, unveiling Drifts newest tech when it comes to conversational marketing using artificial intelligence.

The new product is simply amazing its ability to decipher even misspelled words and help leads find the information that they need. If you are looking for help getting your buyers specific information at any time of the day, Drift’s real time messaging certainly can help you in that regard.

The day long event also had a variety of speakers ranging from the CEO of Shake Shack, Danny Meyer, speaking on his business accruement of building successful restaurants. Meyer has brought Shake Shack from a hotdog cart in Madison Square Park to a publicly traded company (NYSE: SHAK 103.18 USD) opening hundreds of more locations this year.

Alex Hannold, who gained fame for his soloing of El Cap, the 3,000 ft granite monolith in Yellowstone National Park and for also filming it for a Netflix special. He was certainly one of the biggest draws of the morning, as the audience was extremely excited to hear him speak and was the probably the most packed the Wang Theatre was the whole day.

Overall this event as a whole was great, Drift certainly knows how to put on a show that encapsulates the feel of 2019! These type of events are not easy to put on and it is a big credit to the people that worked hard behind the scenes to make sure the day went well.


This past Friday, a couple of us at Yelling Mule had the opportunity to attend the other huge marketing convention, Inbound by Hubspot which was held at the Boston Convention Center that ran from September 3-6.

Inbound 19 also was an amazing experience from the visitor perspective. As soon as you get your pass you are able to meet a variety of companies on the main floor. It was a perfect mixture of comfortable meeting areas, creative areas, and shopping area where even though we were there on Friday, the last day, it was was extremely lively. Also great food and beer options thanks to event sponsor Harpoon!

Bryan Stevenson, who is the Director of the Equal Justice Initiative gave a great speech about his profession, background, and current social justice reform.

Boston Celtics coach, Brad Stevens, also spoke on stage with Boston Red Sox coach, Alex Cora, along side Patriots President, Jonathan Kraft, son of chairman and CEO Robert Kraft.

The two coaches talked about their trials and tribulations of being coaches to professionals athletes in the highly competitive Boston sports market. They both shared great insights with an enthusiastic crowd about how they deal with things such as dealing with line ups and injuries. Having professional sports coaches at a marketing event was absolutely amazing because it is not often you get such great access to how they see the sports they coach.

Lastly, to close out the entire Inbound event Chip and Joanna Gaines from the popular TV show Fixer Upper were on the main stage. They are now owners of a series of businesses under the umbrella name Magnolia.

“Their Magnolia Foundation focuses on youth development, family housing, and community restoration in an effort to provide restoration to the people and places that need it most.” People really came out for this session, and the moderator said it was the busiest ending session she had ever seen.

Overall, like Hypergrowth, Inbound certainly was a great experience and we will certainly be back next year. These type of large convention marketing events are some of the best days of the year because it allows companies and competitors alike to get together to share and grow ideas.