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Boston Innovative Apps

Social Media Round Up

Facebook Staff is Demanding CEO Mark Zuckerberg Control Pervasive Ads  The rise in misinformation in political ads on Facebook has become a serious problem and making things worse is that…

Drift’s Hypergrowth & Hubspot’s Inbound

Drift, the leading chat software and conversational marketing platform, hosted their yearly event at the Wang Theatre. With absolutely amazing speakers and performers to make it quite a memorable event….

Digital Dialogue EP 49: Hypergrowth Overview

On this week’s episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are talking about their experience at Drift’s event Hypergrowth19. Click below to hear the whole episode!

Social Media Minute Recap

What is Google’s New Social Media App Called Shoelace? You might not have heard of Shoelace and that is because it is currently only available by invite only in the…

Finding the Best Times to Post on Social Media

When posting on business social media accounts, it’s extremely important to have a detailed content calendar. An organized plan for your content allows you to see what you will be…

Facebook Is Experimenting With New Apps

Have you heard? Facebook is getting ready to introduce new apps on its platform. Facebook announced this week that they have created a team called the New Product Experimentation (NPE)….

RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 42: Apps We Love

On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are joined by Colleen. The topic this week is our favorite apps on our phones and computer that are not the most basic…

RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 35: Influencer Marketing

On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott will be discussing the topic of influencer marketing! The extremely popular and trendy way that companies are sharing their brands and products…

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: Seated

How would you like to try high-quality restaurants in your area by making a reservation on an app… and how would you like to get a minimum $30 gift card to Starbucks, Uber, or Amazon (your choice!), for making this reservation? Now you can, with the Seated App, one of the coolest apps started by our fellow Bostonians.

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: U Out

The same kid who goes to an EDM show on Saturday is looking for half-priced apps on Tuesday with co-workers, and also wants to do brunch with his family on Sunday. Why do you need three different apps when you can get it in one place?

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: EverDrive

In the sixth installment of our “Coolest Apps” blog series, I spoke with Seth Birnbaum to discuss EverQuote’s app, EverDrive.  This app can help you become a safer driver, pay…

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: Food For All

Americans alone waste 38 million tons of food every year; apparently, that’s enough food “to balance a scale with all of the blue whales left in the world, multiplied by 10, stacked on the other side.” And that’s just Americans. If the environmental results from food waste aren’t enough to sway you, how about this: I just logged into Food For All and saw a Mexican burrito bowl on sale for $4.00…

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: Icebrkr

When I sat down to speak with Kevin, co-founder of IceBrkr with Matt, he mentioned something interesting. He said, “You know, when people think of search engines, they usually say only one: Google. But when you ask them what dating sites they’re on, they usually give you about five different answers… [because] no one’s quite nailed it yet.”

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: PlateJoy

Have you ever wished deciding what to cook for dinner–while ensuring it hits both your health and taste requirements–didn’t have to be so hard? Personally, I usually only hit one or the other: it’s either delicious (take-out Chinese or Annie’s Mac and Cheese), or it’s healthy (fish and spinach… blah), but very, very rarely, is it both.

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: EchoMe

Prior to speaking to Christian, I’d pictured EchoMe, an app Christian co-founded with fellow Boston College student Michael Gordon, as being perfect for you if you’re that guy at the party who won’t unplug his phone from the AUX or allow anyone else to make any song requests because you’re loving the chance to play DJ. I knew you could connect the app with your music streaming service and listen to music in real-time with your friends, influencers, musicians, athletes–anyone. I also knew, as someone whose songs are constantly being vetoed on long road-trips for being too overplayed (I’m a little behind in the music scene, alright?), I’d probably be more of a listener than a leader.