James Shiner Joins Better Business Bureau Board of Directors

September 24, 2015

Company News

James Shiner, President/CEO and Founder of Yelling Mule joined the Board of Directors for the Boston / New England Better Business Bureau. He was officially voted in on September 17 at BBB HQ in Marlborough, MA.

Shiner is excited about the opportunity to share his knowledge with the other board members, and hopes that he can help bring truth to online business reviews. Since BBB is a non-profit they’re not inclined to accept money for better reviews like other online review sites.

Ever since he first put the BBB badge on the Yelling Mule website back in 2011 and became an accredited business Shiner thought having that badge wherever possible was important to marketing his business. The BBB goes back over 100 years, and when customers see that badge they know it’s a company they can trust. When you’re first starting out in business it’s difficult to convince people to give you their money in exchange for a promise that you’ll provide the best product possible, especially in the web design industry. Everyone who has a website has a horror story about a developer disappearing, or holding their code hostage, or their site getting hacked because their code was awful. For Yelling Mule our goal was to be the best Boston web design company there is, and when we got our A+ rating with zero negative reviews on BBB we used that in all of our sales pitches, and we’re proud to say that today we still have that A+ rating.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages as Shiner is planning some seminars, both online and in person, in a partnership with BBB to teach topics such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SEO and Social Media.



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