Meet Katie Naum

June 23, 2022

Career Advice


In this week’s post, we are getting to know Katie Naum. Katie joined the team as a web designer back in February and has been a key part in the Yelling Mule process, along with her dog Lola (YM’s new mascot & officer of happiness). From growing up on a Christmas tree farm in upstate Maine to traveling all over the world, Katie brings real life experience to her designs. Today she is sharing her insights into the design industry and what new designers should be focusing on.


How did you get your start in graphic design?

I have always been really artsy, hunting for the creative nature in everything. It wasn’t like one day I woke up and said, “Hey, I want to do graphic design”. Moreover, I am not the type of person who would fit your typical box of an accountant, nurse, police officer, etcetera. Actually, if you told 12-year-old me I would be working behind a desk, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. 

As I got older, I knew I needed to do something that I would love every day, and something in the art field was my answer. I soon realized that graphic design is so much more than art. It requires a thoughtful design, and although you may not know it, you are making people happy by helping them express their brand or even themselves. I like to think designers have a visual superpower. We see things most other people can’t. 


What is your favorite aspect of the industry? And of working for Yelling Mule?

When I think of the industry as a whole, it’s a bittersweet divide. There is so much out there that you can always be inspired by, but you also really have to have your own style to stand out. As for Yelling Mule, I love how laid back and easy-going it is. I really don’t do well when people feel the need to make others uncomfortable with their agendas, everyone does things at their own pace, and that’s ok! Also, the work is never the same, so it’s challenging as we have been growing our branding fronts and social outlets.


How do you find inspiration?

In curated style, I take extreme pride in the fact that I like what I like. I express this through everything from the packaged items I buy, Pinterest boards, pages I follow, etc. If you see it and it’s not something you would like in a week or year, why even try to use it? Be you! 


What are your favorite design platforms, and why?

Figma, Adobe After Effects & Procreate. I think these three are my favorite because they are the easiest to manipulate and be truly creative. They allow for collaboration, freehand drawing, and fine-tuning. I like tools that allow for better productivity. 


To someone starting in graphic design, what would be three tips or recommendations you would give?
  • You aren’t performing rocket science, so don’t overthink it. Everything in the design world is unique; however, you can always go back to basics and think about things in a methodical fashion.
  • Not everyone will like your work, and that’s ok! I am still working on accepting this myself. 
  • You are always learning — find a couple of artists or designers you love and figure out why you like their work! For me, Sha’an d’Anthes, Jessica Walsh, and Aaron Draplin, to name a few.