Meet Miranda

September 19, 2023


New Intern!

This fall, Yelling Mule is gaining a new team member. Miranda is a senior Communications major from Endicott College and joining the Digital Marketing team. She’s excited to gain experience in an agency setting, and observe how Yelling Mule navigates managing multiple social accounts. We interviewed Miranda to learn a little bit more about her and her goals for the next few months:


How did you hear about Yelling Mule and why did you want to pursue an internship here?

“Undergraduate students at Endicott are encouraged to obtain at least three internships throughout their college career, specifically a co-op for the fall of senior year. Every winter, graduating students present to professors and peers about their internship experience in a career exhibit. In this exhibit, I learned about Yelling Mule. Students share an unfiltered opinion of the work experience they gained and whether they contributed and produced meaningful work or if they provided little work of value. Jayna, your last intern, had high praise for her experience at Yelling Mule and shared her ability to be a creative asset in producing TikToks and other social content. I wanted to be a part of a team where there was room to learn and grow, but also be able to get my feet wet and start content creation.”


What is your favorite part about Digital Marketing?

“Digital Marketing is very multifaceted. You have to wear many hats in conducting market research, developing a strategy, working to create content, and finally sharing your final product with the world. I enjoy trying new things and going with the punches, but at the end of the day, your goal is always to make connections and build community!”


What is your favorite aspect of working for Yelling Mule?

“The team aspect! Everyone works in their own disciplines, yet comes together to form a well-oiled machine. Communication is important in this setting, and I can tell they know exactly when to lean into each other’s strengths. Having just started, everyone has truly been generous with their time to help with my onboarding. Taking the time to explain what they do and learn more about the world of web design has allowed me to work more efficiently, make connections, and write clearly about the solutions we provide to our clients.”


What are you hoping to learn or achieve by the end of your internship?

“My personal goal is to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how an agency functions. I would like to learn how to become flexible to bounce between clients through observation and the staff’s mentorship. Most of my efforts will be in working toward boosting the Yelling Mule social platform engagement levels and following. I have already begun to be exposed to new platforms like Figma and Monday.”


Look out for her upcoming blog posts and social media takeovers!