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March 23, 2023


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Figma is a cloud-based tool for design and prototyping. When first navigating Figma, or when having a design-block, it is very beneficial to utilize resources. Whether within Figma’s site itself or through other pages, there are thousands of resources available to figma users. These include anything from how-to videos, to design inspiration, to UI kits.


In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing 3 great Figma resources.


1. Dribbble

Dribbble is the leading social networking platform for designers and creatives. It serves as a hub for users to share their portfolios, and works as a job recruitment site. Its community and Figma Resource collection is constantly updated with new templates and designs. 


Dribbble yields over 10,000 results when searching for figma designs. These resources are uploaded via Dribbble users. Like many other social media platforms, these users have profiles that can be followed and interacted with. 


2. Figma Crush

Figma Crush is home to over 1,000 Figma related resources. Website templates, mobile templates, free UI kits, premium UI kits, and icons can all be found here. Basically, there is something on Figma Crush for everyone.


3. Resource Hub

Resource Hub is Figma’s own curated collection. Using Figma’s resource hub is especially accessible because it lives within the web browser. Its easy to navigate and simple to use. Similarly to other resource platforms, Figma’s resource hub is a collection of the communities contributions. Narrowing down searches is especially simple, because there is a list of resources filters prompted at the top of the page.