Customize Your Site with MuleFlex

October 2, 2023

Web Design

Small Business

Your business changes fast and is constantly evolving. With any growth, your website should be evolving to meet those new demands. Keeping your website up to date can be time-consuming when you have to start from scratch every time you need to add a new page. Don’t waste your precious time struggling to create new pages, or worse, hiring an expensive developer to create those pages for you. Over the 14 plus years Yelling Mule has been in the business of developing websites, we have noticed the challenges our clients face. That’s why we developed MuleFlex.


MuleFlex is a lightweight, easy to use and customizable page builder on top of WordPress that only requires one plugin. This means that future updates made won’t break your site and since it’s using default WordPress functionality there are no licenses.


Our goal in creating MuleFlex was to help ensure that our clients and any future developers they may choose to work with have the ability to easily make updates to their existing site. No coding experience is needed. You can edit like a pro by dragging and dropping elements into place. Every section is available on every page so you can see exactly how a page will look. No need to guess the best layout for certain pages or determine the difference between “Content Block” and “Paragraph”.


MuleFlex has been tested with 100+ clients and provides a cost-effective solution that gives you back hours of your life. Building effective web pages can now be done in a few easy clicks and comes with SEO reports, malware protection, and real-time backups.


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