MuleFlex’s New Website

November 18, 2021

Web Design

Small Business



Organizing a website can be a difficult task, especially if you have little to no experience in development. As an agency, we noticed our clients were struggling fitting their content in certain templates we designed for them. To help with this in the past, we would have to go into each page and manually edit the code to fit that content.

As a way to cut back on the back and forth during this process, we decided to let the client use any section we have designed to fit their content. This new solution is called MuleFlex. Our development team came up with the idea so they wouldn’t have to always adjust the code on projects.

We’ve recently launched the MuleFlex official website. The site is geared towards highlighting the benefits of the service. MuleFlex is user friendly and uses a simple-to-use- drag and drop editor. With just a click of the mouse you will be able to see exactly how your pages will look as you build them. Users won’t need any design or coding experience. Every section is available on every page so you won’t have to build just based on memory and can be used in the future.

You can request a demo today to see if MuleFlex is a good fit for your website needs. Explore their new website here.