RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 24: Copywriting Tips

March 5, 2019


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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, we returned from our mini series where we shared Yelling Mule’s design and development process when creating a site. This week we started off by talking about two social media stories that we found interesting and informative.

Twitter Testing Out New “Hide Tweet” Option

According to Social Media Today, Twitter is testing out a new feature that will ultimately allow users to hide selected tweet replies. If selected the given tweet is hidden rom your timeline and is not visible to anyone else.

Google Display Ads

Google has created display campaigns which is designed to help people promote their business through the Google brand, i.e watching Youtube, checking Gmail, or using other connected devices. Features include: responsive display ads, gmail ads, uploaded image ads, and engagement ads. Google is hoping to help advertisers make better ads and using the Google network you are reaching over 90% of the Internet.

Lastly we covered the basics of copywriting, and we listed a few tips below. For more in depth coverage please listen to the full podcast!

1. Research

2. Keep it Simple

3. Be Aware of SEO

4. Proofread