RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 26: Building Your Brand

March 19, 2019



On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott go into the various ways for your business to build the brand! First, we shared two social media stories about Facebook metrics being altered and second a recap of the Instagram and Facebook outage last week.

Facebook’s Phasing Out Ad Relevance Score, Removing Six Ad Metrics

According to, Facebook is altering the way Ad metrics will be determined. This is not going to be a seismic shift from before and hopefully it makes it easier for social media metrics to be analyzed. According to the media website, this is the new metrics that will be provided are as followed:

Quality ranking – How your ad’s perceived quality compared with ads competing for the same audience.

Engagement rate ranking – How your ad’s expected engagement rate compared with ads competing for the same audience.

Conversion rate ranking – How your ad’s expected conversion rate compared with ads that had the same optimization goal and competed for the same audience.

Why You Shouldn’t Put All Your Focus on Only One Social Media Network

The Facebook and Instagram outage that seemed for some that the sky was falling was confirmed as a ‘server configuration change’. This leads us to explore how it’s situations like these that make you realize putting all your focus on just one social media platform is not the best move for your business!

The rest of the episode we go over branding tips that we have found successful and how Yelling Mule has become the number one brand in Boston for Web Development. To hear the full episode and pick up all of our branding tips click below!