RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 30: Networking

April 16, 2019


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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are discussing how important networking is for your business for growth and continued success! First, we present our #socialmediaminute covering two stories that we found interesting from the social media sphere.

Dark Mode on Facebook

Facebook has added ‘Dark Mode’ to regular messenger settings. So, initially making ‘Dark Mode’ was available through an Easter egg within messenger- so this means for about a month, people were able to access ‘Dark Mode’ by entering messenger, going to any chat, and changing the chat emoji to the crescent moon emoji.

Now, Facebook has made the feature available for everyone by creating a simple switch option in the settings. Apart from simply looking different, Dark Mode does have health benefits, in that it emits less blue light, which can disrupt sleep patterns when used at night.

Snapchat Publishes New Report on the Evolution of Video Consumption

A new report was conducted by Snap, Inc. on the evolution of video consumption behaviors and it reiterated the notion that people constantly turning to mobile to view tv shows and movies.

According to, “This is because people are no longer confined to a specific date and time to watch – in the age of Netflix, catch-up viewing, viewers can watch what they want, when they want, meaning that tuning in live is no longer necessary.” The way people are consuming their media is quickly changing and everyone is trying to take a piece of the $70 Billion TV Ad market! Check out the link for the full report on the Insights on the Evolution of Video.

After our social media stories, Katelyn and Scott go into a discussion about the various ways you can network your business and what practices we have found successful. It is extremely important to foster relationships with others, not only personally, but professionally as well. Although networking can often be seen as transactional and not genuine it’s important to decipher the difference and do it the right way!

Whether that be through attending events such as ones we at Yelling Mule attend or a variety of others networking yourself and your business is crucial. Check out the full podcast episode below!