RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 34: Mental Health & Social Media

May 14, 2019


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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott will be discussing the topic of the role social media plays in society, more specifically how it affects mental health. Listeners have requested this topic and we thought that this was a good time to address it.

First, we present our #socialmediaminute covering two stories that we found interesting from the social media sphere.

Instagram is Working on a New “Join Chat” Sticker for IG Stories

According to Social Media Today, this new sticker would enable stories viewers to join a private chat group, directly from the story posted. Both Facebook and Instagram have been putting more of a focus on the chat/messaging aspects of the platforms.

If this new private chat feature does launch, it could be a really helpful tool for brands to gain even more insight.However, depending on the accounts reach and topic choice, it could be extremely difficult to manage and regulate.

Co-Founder of Facebook Claims it Should Be Broken Up
The guy who helped Mark Zuckerberg create Facebook, Mark Hughes, recently did a piece in the New York Times stating that, “the company is so big and powerful
that it threatens our democracy.” He controls three core communications platforms — Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp — that billions of people use every day.”


In the rest of the podcast we dive into the benefits, drawbacks, and ways to unwind and unplug from social media. Listen to the full episode below!