RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 37: Management Tools & Populating With Colleen

June 4, 2019


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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott will be welcoming on Yelling Mules junior web developer Colleen to discuss what she feels are the best practices when managing and populating a site! Colleen has been on before to talk about launching a site when we did our process series podcasts and had great information for us so tune in again this week to hear what she has to say.

Before we get into that, we dive into our #SocialMediaMinute where we share two social media stories.

Snapchat’s New Style TV Shows are Seeing Millions of Viewers

We’ve mentioned this a few times on the podcast but it’s no secret that Snapchat is not the most popular social media platform out there. Their latest performance report actually shows that the app has lost a million daily active users over the past year. However, Snapchat has recently been sharing content that is very aligned with its young demographic and people are continuing to return. Snap Originals shows are probably the best example of this. ‘Endless Summer’ one of snapchat’s shot TV styled programs reached 28 million unique viewers in its first season.

For some perspective the Game of Thrones finale set a record for HBO at 19.3 million viewers. So overall, if Snapchat continues to adapt to its growing younger demographic they’ll hopefully continue to see these kinds of numbers.

Facebook Adds New Page and Group Ranking Factors into Feed Algorithm

According to SocialMediaToday, after announcing a News Feed algorithm update earlier this month, which focused on boosting content from the people you care most about, and reducing the reach of clickbait, “Facebook has now issued an amendment to that update to also add in new ranking signals for content from the Pages and Groups that people are most interested in.

As per the original update, Facebook explained how it regularly utilizes user surveys to garner feedback about the effectiveness of its feed algorithm, and to help guide its focus for improvement in all parts of its site.

To hear the full podcast, check it out below!