Spotify Your Uber

November 17, 2014


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Uber is now taking your music requests with their newest partnership with Spotify!

This news came as a bit of a shock with Spotify partnering with Uber… After you think about it though, it totally makes sense.  The initial reports certainly raised a lot of questions, but today Spotify officially announced the partnership.  The only catch to the awesome new service is that you need a premium Spotify account ($9.99/month) in order to use this cool functionality.

HOW IT WORKS (Video) =

I am personally an active user of both services and think this is the perfect marriage.  How many times have you been in a taxi or cab and said to yourself “WTF are we listening to?” Well, don’t worry… now you’re in full control! The only issue now is arguing with your friends about what to listen to…

If your currently a cab driver, you are 100% going to want to either (1) convert to being an Uber drive, OR (2) find a new line of work.

Here’s how to use the new functionality in 3 easy steps:


It’s easy to set up through your Uber profile.


The music bar lets you choose what your ride plays.

3. DJ

There’s a playlist for every ride.

What do you think? Are you currently using either of these services?

I’d love to hear your feedback below!