The Future of Digital Marketing

January 1, 2017

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Social Media

We’re so excited to be starting 2017! It’s certainly going to be an exciting year for Yelling Mule and digital marketing.

Here are the digital marketing trends we’re predicting for this new year:

Video is here to stay

Oh yes. Go ahead, deny it! But video is definitely here to stay. If anything, we’re excited to see how we can build upon the video platforms that we have. 2016 was a huge win for video; live video was adapted into every social network in some shape or form. We think the challenge here is how to continue building on the interactive experiences associated with video and live video? How can they be improved or made better?

Some social media networks might die off…

No, no – we’re not going to say who! But we’d love to hear your opinions! It’s likely though, isn’t it? As social media platforms evolve, some of them are bound to fall off the edge or take the backseat. It happens every year. Remember Vine?

Virtual Reality

This is less of a prediction and more of a curiosity. Virtual reality was all over tech news this year and the innovation made within the VR world has been absolutely incredible! It will be interesting to see how far Virtual Reality will go in the coming year.

Social Media Commerce – let the clickable shopping begin!

We’ve already heard the buzz on this in 2016, and in some ways, it has been implemented but not to the extent that we are predicting. Our guess is this model is going to corrected, innovated and centennially altered until everything on social is clickable for purchase. Which is kind of a scary thought, no?

Social Media Continues to Climb the Advertising Ladder

Social media is a growing and ever-changing beast. 2016 has been a revolutionary year  (in terms of digital marketing) and while paid advertising has been gradually growing in popular over the years, we predict there will be even more growth in this realm. Local businesses are less worried about getting their time on air or the radio, and are now more focused on boosting their ads and promoting their own content via social media. We predict those numbers will sky rocket. Social media advertising is a very real thing that is not always taken seriously but it should.

Share your 2017 predictions and thoughts with us by commenting below!