Top 5 Positive Social Media Platforms

November 10, 2022


Social Media


Yesterday, November 9th, we celebrated Social Media Kindness Day (SMKD). SMKD encourages all social media users to be more kind, creating a more uplifting digital environment. In honor of this celebration, we curated a list of the top 5 social media platforms that promote kindness.

1. WeAre8

WeAre8 is a social media platform founded by tech entrepreneur, Sue Fennessy, to promote online positivity, redefining the current social media landscape. In an interview with The Guardian, Fennessy stated that  “media used to be social”, insisting that modern social media platforms have had a seclusion effect on users. In order to maintain a positive digital society, WeAre8 employs both human moderators and artificial intelligence to support their zero tolerance policy against hate.

2. WunderWorld

Wunder is an up and coming social media platform designed for users to share inspiration and positive content while presented with the opportunity to donate to a charity of choice. Wunder is not yet available for download, but is intended to be a space where users can share their own positive content and give to charities and causes. To prevent fake accounts, all new users must upload verification to prove who they are. All users have a wallet with “Wunder Coins”, which come from using the app, gifting between users, and purchasing. These “Wunder Coins” can be donations towards charity, as they have real value.

3. Journey

Being part of a community is extremely empowering. Looking to find a group of people with similar interests as you? Journey is the perfect place to start. This app is home to all sorts of communities, which are packed with resources, tips, and challenges. Within their communities, users can post all about their “Journey’s”.

4. Positive Reactions

Social media platforms are constantly rotating through fundraiser, donation, and campaign content. But, how many users interact with these? These metrics aren’t so simple to track. Positive Reactions is an app specifically made for awareness of social causes. Rather than having users “like” a special cause, they have the opportunity to give it a “Positive Reaction”. Essentially, a “Positive Reaction” means that some sort of real effort has been made in support of a special cause. Overtime, the end results of whatever cause a user gave a “Positive Reaction” to will be shown to them. This allows participants to truly feel involved.

5. Mayo

Looking for an app that doesn’t involve news updates or posting, but still has an emphasis on community? Mayo may be the perfect app. Designed to help others and get help yourself, Mayo connects users to each other when needed. When opening the app, users connect with other users within 650 feet (2 blocks). Mayo keeps all users anonymous to prevent in-app biases. Grocery store trips, technology questions, and virtual check-ins are great examples of ways to utilize the app to with get or give help.