What is Data Privacy Day?

January 26, 2023

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Happy (upcoming) Data Privacy Day! Data Privacy Day is an annual international day to promote privacy and data protection. This day commemorates Convention 108, a treaty that protects the right of privacy for individuals with a focus on data protection, signed on January 28, 1981. Today, we recognize January 28 as a day to spread awareness about online privacy and to educate users on how to keep their information safe and secure. This is essential with such a digital media driven society.

Essentially, data privacy is the idea that individual users can determine how their data is used, what data of theirs is used, and where it is shared. Data is collected from a variety of media channels and gets distributed from there. The data collected can be anything – your name, location, contact information, etc. Businesses often collect users data to provide personalized services – it is their fuel. Data allows businesses to better understand their target audience, and how to reach them. However, we’re finding that businesses are taking advantage of this data collection, taking more than is arguably necessary.

Because of this, we are bringing awareness Data Privacy Day here at Yelling Mule. Through our extensive work with websites, we understand the risk involved. That’s why we created Mule Force. Mule Force is a cybersecurity company that specializes in securing business networks, websites and devices. Our goal is to help companies be more aware of  their data and how it is used online. Staying conscious about the information we provide on the internet can help prevent us from potential risks and keep us safe. To learn more about data security and how to keep your company’s information safe, visit our sister company Mule Force