Why Branding Is Critical For Your Business

June 6, 2017

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Branding is the heartbeat of every business.

It is a reflection of everything you do, ranging from the website you set up, the business card you distributed and other marketing materials that were used to build awareness of your company.

Some people think Branding belongs only to big business, the financial powerhouses and those who lead the market.

This impression is wrong. The very moment you start a business, in reality, branding has begun. Branding consists of a lot more than a logo design or visual icon. Thinking about customer experience is one of the factors to be considered when thinking of branding your business.

The way your customers perceive you is only as a result of branding.

A good brand does not just happen – it requires a strategic, well thought out plan.



We will be looking at reasons why branding is critical for every business.

Small business and start-up organisations neglect dedicating time to think of how they can help their business grow, and the impact that branding will have on it.

Let us now take a look at reasons why branding is so important.

1. Start as soon as possible

If you are just starting a company or your business is in its early stages, this is the right time you should think about branding the service or product.

Getting a good Brand designer is important to get started. They will show you how you should ‘look’ with an effective logo design and colour palette for the identity.

2. Branding promotes recognition

People feel more at ease when they see a brand that they are familiar with. Once your branding is consistent and easy to recognise, this will happen.

Branding will help differentiate your business from other competitors and give you an edge in the market.

3. Consistency

Consistency helps you to add value to whatever you do.

Ensure everything maps back to your core concept, from the way you answer phone calls to the way you design your Twitter avatar –  this shows your consistency in branding.

4. Strong Branding generates referrals

One of the major results that branding gives is that it makes people share ideas about your product.

People wear, eat and also listen to brands, and they are always telling others of the brands they love. On the flip side, you cannot discuss a name, or brand, you cannot remember.

A strong brand is essential to generating referrals or brand traffic.

5. Your name helps you to stay focus and create clarity

Clear brand strategy helps you stay focused so that you can pursue your mission and vision as an organization.

It will help you to be strategic and at the same time help your marketing efforts, thereby saving time and money.

6. Branding connects you with your customers emotionally 

Good branding connects with client’s heart emotionally; they feel great when ‘buying’ the brand. Purchasing is an emotional experience and makes them feel good whenever they engage with the company.

7. Test your ideas

Try out running your logo and key messages through members of your target audience before embarking on applying your corporate identities to all your other materials.


You may be opportune to find branding accessible and affordable in the long run of trying to put things together.

You will realise it still does take time and money which is something most small business owners do not take seriously.

So why is it worth it?

Here is few ways building your brand will be the best decision you have ever taken for your business to grow.

1. Stand out from the competition

Branding helps customers make decisions when they have different choices at their disposal.

Let customers know what they can benefit from your business when your brand can help you highlight your unique qualities.

2. Build Credibility

In other to establish trust you need to build credibility. Customers will be confused if they cannot understand what your logo is if it does not communicate your message.

3. Increase the value of your offer

Increasing the value of your brand name will make people add value to a particular product or service you offer. Branding removes what you offer from a commodity, making it a unique product.

4. Give your business a meaningful look

You may be running your business in an unusually small niche, but if your potential customers cannot recognise you, they will not be able to pick you out from the crowd.

5. Grow a word of mouth business

Emotional connection is one thing that commits customer’s loyalty to your business. And you can be assured they can introduce your products to others.

Branding a business is as simple as no pain no gain.

However, if you take your time to process your branding, you will surely reap the rewards in it.

The best way to grow a business is to create it on a powerful idea; an idea that both you and your staff can always see as something you can hold on to, commit to, and expect a good result at the end.

You will see Branding as a rewarding progress when your organisation is clear about the Identity it stands for.

Author Bio:

Stuart Crawford is the owner of Inkbot Design is a Branding Agency and Graphic Design Company in Belfast. We Specialise in Logo Designs, Brand Identity, Web and Marketing Services.