5 Free Social Media Tools to Instantly Improve Your Business’s Social Media Reach

August 22, 2017

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It’s somewhat undeniable in 2017 that social media can improve your business’s brand image, your business’s personal relationship with its customers, and your product or service’s marketability (but if you are denying it, here’s some stats: Pew Research Center found that 7-in-10 Americans use social media today, and that ¾ of Facebook users visit Facebook at least once per day, while ½ of Instagram users visit Instagram at least once per day; and Social Media Examiner found that 97% of marketers… your competition… currently participate in social media).

But it can also be costly, overwhelming, and burdensome, particularly for smaller businesses, to figure out the best ways to use social media. Here, we’ve compiled a list of five impressive social media tools that can have the best impact on your business’s social media reach. And since they’re free, there’s really no reason not to try one of them…or all of them.

1. Buffer

It won’t make much of a difference that your company is on Instagram if you’ve only posted three times in the past year. Keep a consistent presence on all your social media channels with Buffer. You can have a fly-on-the-wall perspective on all your social channels at one time and in one place (yay, convenience!), and use Buffer’s analytics reports to check out how your social channels are playing out. Best of all, you can schedule when you want your social media drafts to go public, so you can ensure your company will stay at the top of people’s newsfeeds even while you’re enjoying your day off at the beach.

2. Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook fan page (and judging by the stats–1.32 billion active users daily in June 2017–you should), Facebook Insights can help you keep track of user interaction information that can be crucial to understanding what’s working and what isn’t. You can use Facebook Insights to figure out the best time of day to post an article, the best day of the week to post, and what content is most popular now. You can see how great your Facebook page is doing by checking out how many people are actively talking about it, how many users engage with each post, and the virality of each post. You can also learn more about the demographics of your fans–age, location, gender–to customize future posts towards your #1 fans.

3. SocialRank

This is probably the best tool to avoid feeling like you’re wasting your time talking to a sometimes-silent and always-anonymous population via Twitter or Instagram. SocialRank allows you to sort your followers into a few crucial categories: Most Valuable, Most Engaged, Best Followers, Most Followed, Alphabetized and Chronological. In other words: You can figure out which of your followers have a Taylor-Swift-sized fan base, which of your followers follow your business like a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, and which of your followers are a bit of both. Sounds like pretty valuable intel to me.

4. Likeable Local

So you’re a fantastic business owner, but not the world’s next great novelist? No problem. Likeable Local creates engaging content–with topics ranging from dry cleaning to sports to criminal defense lawyers, and everything in between–that you can post to your own social media sites. It also helps you generate leads and referrals, improve SEO, and connect with your mobile users.

5. TweetReach

Don’t feel like scouring the internet, tediously typing your company’s name into every search engine and newsfeed to figure out what people are saying about you? With TweetReach, you can monitor for anything that appears on social media–your company’s name, hashtags, keywords, phrases–to engage in conversations about your brand and industry. You can also identify your top hashtags and URLs, to figure out which of your posts encouraged the most customer engagement. Bonus: If your company sees the benefit of working with influencers in your industry to reach a new audience, this tool can help you find them.

Convinced yet? Lighten up the load on your team by using these free tools. You can cut down on time and resources while greatly expanding your online presence, getting to know your customers in a new digital space, and turning ‘tweets’ and ‘likes’ into genuine customer satisfaction and dramatic company growth.

If the thought of doing any or all of this still overwhelms you (and don’t worry… you aren’t alone), don’t be afraid to admit you might still need help from the pros. Check out our full list of digital marketing services at Mule Media–freeing you up for even more beach time, and even less stress. That’s pretty undeniably great.

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