5 Tools Everyone In The Social Media Industry Should Be Using

January 11, 2017

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of one or a team of many, these tools will help you improve your social media by 100%.


Oh, like you thought we weren’t going to mention the ever famous Buffer? They provide one of the best, easy-to-use tools in the social media universe. They’re all about scheduling and basic analytics but it’s just enough to get ahead. We love them because the platform is simple and clean; not bulky, confusing or hard to understand — just plain straightforward.

You can attach social media profiles to your dashboard, schedule posts way in advance and switch between your profiles to ensure everything is in order. Better yet, whenever you see content you love, you can add it at the click of a button.

Buffer will also help you sort through your best and worst tweets. This is helpful because it helps you see what works and what isn’t working; and it gives you a chance to review and repost.

Adobe Spark

This app will save your life and your time. Adobe Spark is kind of like Canva and Pablo by Buffer, but in our opinion, it’s slightly better. Why? You have access to hundreds of free stock photography via Unsplash. Yes, they have templates but these templates are totally customizable in every way — from font, special designs, color palettes, images, etc.

The best part about Adobe Spark is the ability to be absolutely creative with your designs without being limited by additional costs or lack of font.

It has truly been a savior in our routine.

Don’t get us wrong though – Pablo by Buffer will get you out of a quick bind, and Canva is easy to use and efficient.

A Solid Camera

Surprised!? Yes. It goes without saying, but a solid camera is useful to any social media expert or digital marketer. Now, we are not necessarily saying to run out and buy an expensive DSLR but definitely find something solid. You could even use your phone! Just make sure it’s a good camera.


Content creation is important but so is content curation. Feedly is one of the best content discovery tools out there. It’s a clean, easy-to-use platform that can help you sift through tons of trending content. Even better, it will show you the metrics on the content.


If you don’t have this app, you need it. People love reposts! It helps generate genuine evergreen content from your own followers, admirers or customers. You can repost photos to gauge interest, start conversation and/or simply give a special shoutout to someone.

Reposts are so useful and helps create brand loyalty. Some brands can use it more frequently – like restaurants featuring customers photos of the food or themselves having an enjoyable meal, or boutique hotels showing their customers lounging around the pool, or maybe simply a store showing off their merchandise.

It’s really a very useful tool. It helps you give credit to the rightful photographer and provides you new, easy content.

An unlisted but lovely extra

We mentioned Unsplash above in our Adobe Spark shoutout – but we get most of our stock photography from Unsplash, so they deserve a special mention. The photographers on this site are incredible; the photos are beautiful and as the cool kids are saying these days, “crispy.” You can’t go wrong with Unsplash, there’s so much talent to sort through. In fact, our featured image today is the work of Unsplash’s Alice Donovan Rouse.

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