7 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement by 1000%

January 12, 2017

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You think 1000% is an exaggeration?! …..Well, maybe, kind of… A little bit, but these 7 things will definitely give your social media the engagement boost it needs!

Sometimes, it’s the smallest tweaks that can make all the difference.

Here are a few things you should consider in your social strategy, let us know if we missed anything or if any of these simple tactics worked for you!

Use Visual Content

You’ve heard this so many times before you’re probably sick of it. But really, are you using visual content? Images, video? And if you are, are you using visually appealing content?

Your audience needs to be attracted to what they see before they read it, retweet it or even engage with it. Have you ever seen an interesting article that was accompanied by a terrible photo and then lost all complete interest to reshare? We have.

People are more likely to engage with your content if its accompanied by photos or video that capture the imagination. Hop on Unsplash for free, beautiful stock photography or simply make sure the gifs and video you’re using are top-knotch!

Share Valuable Content… Like¬†Interesting, relevant stuff

Whether you’re scheduling your content or reposting the moment – make sure it’s quality or quantity! People will be attracted most by topics that interest them and are curated consistently.

For us, we curate and create content that revolves around social media, digital marketing and design. Occasionally, we slide in amusing tech stories but we pretty much steer away from topics that have nothing to do with the above.

Analyze what topics your brand revolves around and then hone in on those particular subjects. Relevance and consistency will get people not only engaging with your content but also following you.

Share Content Around Specific Times

Despite how it may look, social media is not about posting things at random. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s quite the opposite.

When you post your content, you want to do so strategically. You want your content to be seen! Therefore, you need to ensure you’re posting content at a time when it has a chance to be seen and shared.

Coschedule shared an amazing infographic on “the best times to increase your reach” in their article on the “30 Social Media Engagement Tactics to Boost Shares And Conversations” by Nathan Ellering. Simply scroll down to 4, it’s pure gold.

Be Careful With Your Headlines

No, for reals. Your headlines are everything! Visuals help guide the eye, but your headline is what will make a reader intrigued enough to click. Your article is what will keep them coming back for more.

Share More Than Once

Here’s the sad thing – sometimes your content isn’t seen. No matter how amazing it is or how hard you worked on it, sometimes it misses the mark. Maybe it was timing! Or maybe it simply got flooded in a sea of information. The point is, don’t give up on it.

You need to give your content a second chance! Reschedule it, repost it but don’t waste it.

Get Involved In Twitterchats

Twitterchats are the absolute best! #Bufferchat, #TwitterSmarter, #HootChat – the list goes on; these tight-knit social media communities will connect you with awesome individuals.

Twitterchats help you humanize your brand, whatever it may be. The trick to any Twitterchat is to participate. The more you engage, the more engagement you shall receive. It’s a give and take that is entirely worth it.

Have fun!

No matter what your brand is; the more personality you show, the more fun you have, the more people will want to engage with you. Your audience wants to feel like they’re engaging with a real person, not a robot.

With Instagram, believe it or not, we don’t use bots to comment. If you see a like or comment, any time of the day, it’s actually us. People love that! They love genuine interaction and sincere conversation.

So, next time you’re on any network, show a little personality and have fun! Engage conversation by asking questions, involving yourself in a chat or simply going beyond commenting with an emoji. If you go the extra mile, you will definitely see engagement results.

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