Best Social Media Trends for 2021

November 4, 2020


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This week on Digital Dialogue we broke down the top 10 predicated social media trends for 2021 as seen in Talkwalker’s Social Media Trends 2021 Global Report. In the report, they provide in-depth analysis from 70+ global experts, and 50+ actionable takeaways to help you engage the trends for your brand.

Furthermore they also give analysis of why these are the trends to follow. Stats, facts, and campaign inspiration, showing how major brands are already integrating them into successful marketing strategies.

Here are the ones that really stood out to us.

Remixing Is the New User Generated Content

By remixing and repurposing content that you already have and/or are creating in the future you can make sure to cover all of the content ideas. For example, you can turn a single blog post into:

  • Podcast Episode
  • LinkedIn Update
  • Youtube Video
  • Infographics
  • Slideshow Deck
  • Downloadable PDF

Audiences Will Be More Socially Conscious

Consumers and Social Media alike are going to continue to try and hopefully help address global issues. This will require the platforms to ensure that all people have the opportunity to to express and share their views while also making sure they are inclusive to all.

Old School Marketing Will Be The New, “New”.

55% of Americans now listen to podcasts and regular ad spots on those platforms are performing extremely well. According to the Podcasting Audit Study by Bridge Ratings, advertisers are expected to spend $500 million on podcast ads in 2020 – a trend that comes on the heels of significant past growth in the sector.

By mixing some traditional marketing with some influencing and new techniques, agencies are going to be getting very creative in order to stand out.

Conversational Marketing Will Drive Sales

As social media continues to progress, what users are looking for on platforms has changed. We’ve seen it on Instagram. Engagement is much lower and that is because it’s become oversaturated. Users are looking to have conversations, not just to like an image.

In 2021 brands are going to have to continue to really make an effort to connect through real conversations with their followers.

Digital Disinformation Will Be Tackled

With more and more people looking to social media for their news and main source of information this will be a major trend in 2021. According to there were 101 million mentions of disinformation leading up to June 2020.

Facebook and Twitter are already taking steps to limit false information posted with some posts being tagged as possibly having misleading or false information.