Color Psychology

October 16, 2018


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What is Color Psychology

Everyone has a favorite color but have you ever wondered why that is? Colors have a mental and emotional effect on the people who see them. This is known as color psychology and it’s important for brands to pay close attention to it. One color can determine a company’s entire call to action because of its influence on the consumer’s decision-making mentality.

Many colors have a certain connotation to them, which can be used to a brand’s advantage. That is why it is so valuable for marketers to be aware of the psychological effect. Below are a few brand logos you may recognize and some insight into the colors they’ve chosen.


The color Red is a dynamic color that symbolizes energy, power, and adventure. Red has the ability to trigger powerful emotions that can be both positive and negative. This is something brands need to be aware of. We assume Target utilizes the color red in hopes to draw attention and excite consumers about their shopping adventures at the store.

Yellow is associated with warmth and happiness. Typically, anything centered around joy includes the color yellow. Many brands incorporate yellow into their logo to inspire creativity and friendliness.

The color Blue symbolizes loyalty, credibility, and communication. Which is why Facebook utilizes it for their own branding. However, blue can also be perceived as distant and cold at times. So it is important to remember that not all shades of blue will have the same effect on the consumer.

The color Orange combines red’s power and yellow’s fun to create a playful tone. Many brands that want a serious tone avoid this color. However, it was the perfect choice for a brand like Nickelodeon, who want to portray a fun and positive attitude.


Green is most commonly associated with nature and harmony. It is also known as a sign of growth and economic exchange. That is why green is used so heavily in the restaurant industry (Starbucks) and health-based stores.


The color Purple is associated with spirituality and luxury. Many companies that utilize purple in their marketing want to give off a more high-end vibe.


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