How Important Is a Profile Picture?

December 30, 2016

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Social Media

Small Business

Your profile picture is everything!

Generally speaking, the photography you use in your social media campaign speaks volumes about your business. More importantly, your profile picture is what everyone will see. Whether you’re marketing yourself or a business, you need a profile picture that gets to the point.

For a business, it’s not wise to have a profile picture of your business or office. No one will understand what it is from a distance. Think about when people actually see your profile picture – on first encounters, it’s usually from a distance. A small tiny window that may or may not capture their interest. When people are skimming through Instagram or Facebook, they will only catch a glimpse of your content and profile picture — make it worth their time.

Think of it this way – when someone inevitably glances over to your profile picture – will they be able to tell what they’re looking at?

Again, for a business, a simple logo or title makes the most sense. Save the office and building photos for your cover photo.

For an individual, there are several suggested elements towards having a successful profile picture (most especially) when one is trying to market themselves for potential work. Buffer has a great list that mentions what to do, how to do it and what to avoid when taking a professional profile picture.

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