How to SEO: 9 Tips Everyone Should Know

July 11, 2013

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So are you wondering what is SEO and why should you care?  Go ahead and read on to find out.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) affects the exposure of your website in search engine’s unpaid (“organic”) search results.  Where you show up in search results directly affects your bottom line!  About 70% users only click on the top few searches, and of those that make it past the top only 30% browse past the first page?. So did you just realize how much you are losing in sales by not being at the top?  If you did your next though is probably “so how do I get myself to the top”?


How to SEO


Ranking high on search results is a work in progress and it doesn’t happen overnight, but to get you on the right path to the top here are some tips:

9 tips everyone should know about SEO

  1. Keyword Research
    Use Google Analytics to see which keywords, that match your product or service, are searched more frequently.
  2. Keyword Ratio
    Use your keywords carefully! The density of the keywords in the text should not be more then 3% or else search engines might  think that you are a spamming.
  3. Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
    Your page titles and meta descriptions are the first thing visitors see when they search for your site. We make sure that they’re optimized to include your top keywords, and are written correctly so they display well on search engines.
  4. Internal Linking
    Optimize your internal linking structure to ensure that the keywords in your content link to appropriate pages on the site.
  5. HTML Optimization
    Ensure that your H1 tags, image tags and title tags are optimized and match the keywords you want to target.
  6. Page URL’s
    Optimize your page URL’s with the keywords you are targeting so search engines can rank you based on this element as well.
  7. Content
    Frequently update content and create new content for your website based on the tips above.  You can do this by updating sections of your site and writing Blogs.
  8. Mobile Site
    Did you know that 81% of users browse the internet on their phones. Search engines will rank you higher if you have a mobile version of your site for users to browse.
  9. Analytics
    Once you have performed all the steps above you need to track the results!  Google Analytics is a great tool that will provide you with data on how you are performing for free!    Make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your website.


SEO Strategies


Feeling overwhelmed yet?  If you want to learn “how to SEO” our Online Marketing experts can help you implement those steps and increase traffic on your Website.  Request a quote today!

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