Incredible Accounts You Should Be Following on Twitter

January 3, 2017

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This is list combines our favorite design and social media influencers on Twitter right now. Let’s be real, there are a lot of knowledgeable people out there so it can be hard to narrow down a favorite but we believe these folks are the best for those seeking design inspiration or social media education.

On the subject of Social Media…

Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers

We love following Julia! She’s consistently posting Express Writers material on copywriting and content marketing with clean titles, easy to read formats and really useful information.

Chris Makara, Digital Marketing Strategist

As founder of Bulkly, Chris knows his digital marketing. He posts, reposts and is generous with comments. But more importantly, we have learned so much from Chris. His posts are guided, clear and while sometimes lengthy – always flooded with insight. You can’t not read one of his articles without learning something.

Brian Peters, Social Media & Marketing at Buffer

We have so many friends at Buffer that it was really hard to simply choose one person! Brian is always on his blogging A-game. He posts on social media and design which fits him perfectly within both categories! He’s generally pretty responsive on Twitter and is always coming up with new ways to interact with the Buffer community.

Neil Patel, Investor and Influencer

You can’t go wrong with following Neil. He posts on a broad range of topics (digital marketing, social media, optimization, branding, content marketing) and he never fails to be insightful. He’s written for Forbes, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. So, yeah. Follow him.

Musole Kambinda, Sole Marketing

One of our favorites – Musole is always posting motivational and educational tweets on marketing. He’s very responsive on Twitter which makes him an excellent source for your social media questions! Even more, he’s always retweeting and posting informative articles that will definitely catch your eye.

Angelica Mata, Social Media Expert

Another inspirational influencer! Angelica is always posting a mixture of quirky, fun posts with useful articles on content marketing and social media advertising. She’s involved in several Twitter-chats so you’re likely to bump into her at Bufferchat or Twitter Smarter but she’s another excellent, reachable source for your digital marketing queries.

Danielle Rogers, Communications & Marketing Strategist

Danielle is a great social media specialist to follow! Her posts are relatable, insightful and always interesting. She’s a lot of fun on Twitter – and when she’s not reposting Buzzfeed comics, she’s always posting something awesome on content marketing!

Guy Kawasaki, Chief evangelist of Canva

Ok, but for real, who do you know who isn’t following Guy? He’s awesome.

Design Inspiration

We are sticklers for design here. You know, being a web design and development focused agency and all. These accounts will help spark your creativity.

Adobe Spark, the App every Social Media person needs

We love Adobe, we can’t deny that. Adobe Spark is for the designer and non-designer. Their app has helped us build quickie graphics for social sharing within minutes. Their Twitter page is a collective of their favorite posts, which can be quite helpful when you’re feeling inspirationally dry. We’ve been retweeted several times and are super thankful to our friends! Use their app, impress them and you will be reposted as well.

HOW Design

Just follow them.


Design, art, photography, tech and pop culture rolled into one account? You can get lost in their feed. Every post offers some type of inspiration. It’s worth following if you need something to break up your creative block. There’s also a lot of different posts offering instruction as well as humorous design jokes that will make any graphic designer chuckle.

Inkbot Design

Inkbot is a creative agency with a huge following and a knack for keeping their posts minimal yet inspiring. They post lots of design quotes that will likely stir something in the art of any designer. They also post plenty on branding, brand development and marketing strategy.


Did you really think we wouldn’t include Behance? It’s an incredible source for any designer, photographer or artist. Their site is incredible to scroll through if you’re in need of inspiration or a template. Their Twitter feed is basically a giant feed of their best users. You can get lost in this feed, it’s amazing.

We hope you all enjoyed this list of some of our favorite accounts and influencers currently on Twitter! Believe us, we have many more but that would require a much longer list. Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram or Twitter?

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