RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 20: Social Media in Superbowl LIII

February 5, 2019


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On this weeks episode of Digital Dialogue we stepped away for the week from talking about the web development process at Yelling Mule. This week we are taking a look the social media metrics and trends that came during the Superbowl this past Sunday.

We explore the various tactics employed by some of the biggest brands such as Budlight, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Verizon, Frank Redhot, Tide, etc.

Lastly we talk about the Twitter #BrandBowl that gave awards to brands in five different categories, which included 5 categories:

MVP – Awarded to the brand with the highest percentage of all brand-related tweets during Super Bowl LIII (Planters Peanuts)

Blitz – Given to the business which reaches the highest level of tweets per minute at some point during the game (Game of Thrones/Budlight)

Quarterback – The brand with a single tweet that draws the most retweets during the game (Marvels Studios Avengers:Endgame trailer)

Interception – The highest percentage of brand conversation for a brand that did not run a TVC during the Super Bowl.(Franks Redhot)

Video Replay – The brand that drives the most video views (Verizon)

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