Social Media News Recap

June 30, 2022



Social Media




Instagram extends reels length to 90 seconds

Compared to standard Instagram video posts, reels get 22% more engagement. Instagram is constantly looking for ways to enhance the creator’s journey because of this. At the beginning of June the platform extended the time limit to 90 seconds. This new length goes against the idea of short length videos. However, TikTok’s limit is now 10 minutes and its popularity could reflect the importance of flexibility. Additionally, Instagram has added a new set of features which include interactive stickers or sound sync.


TikTok shares insights about the customer-brand relationship built in the platform

TikTok has shared a report  that details how TikTok users feel about product promotions in their feed, and the products that they purchase as a result of TikTok promotions. The data shows that users of the platform are twice as likely to promote a product or service that they found on the platform than users of other social platforms. Additionally, 55% of TikTok users utilize the platform to research new businesses or products.


Youtube shares 1.5 billion viewers watch Youtube shorts content each month

Short length videos are essential in content creation. Nowadays, 70% of online users frequently watch this type of content. In 2020, YouTube took on this trend.Two years later, the platform has stated that nearly 1.5 billion logged-in users now watch YouTube Shorts every month. This figure is enormous, but it is even more startling when you consider that there are 2 billion “logged in” users on a monthly basis.


Twitter adds new feature for professional accounts

To assist businesses make the most of their presence in the app, Twitter has been working on many components. On their Twitter profiles, businesses from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia can now include helpful customer information. This new “Location Spotlight” section provides address, operating times, and additional contact information.


LinkedIn launches new ‘Business Manager’ platform

A new Business Manager platform is one of the new tools LinkedIn is introducing to help marketers enhance their lead generation and brand-building efforts. This platform offers a simplified administration platform for all of your LinkedIn business activities. The Business Manager platform has separate sections for handling Matched Audiences, People, Partners, Ad Accounts, and Company Pages. According to Linkedin: “This new service will provide resources and intelligence to improve segmentation, targeting and market position, as well as optimize creative and media investments”.


Snapchat releases new insights into how AR could improve online shopping

Snap Inc. and Publicis Media have conducted research to better understand how consumers are utilizing augmented reality in many major categories while making purchases. Shoppers can have a hassle-free, simple, and engaging shopping experience thanks to augmented reality experiences. This is perhaps the reason why, across all categories, one-fourth of consumers say they would use augmented reality to replace an in-person experience. Also, buyer confidence is a crucial unmet demand that businesses must address since 80% of augmented reality customers feel more confident in their purchase. Because of this confidence, 66% of AR users are less likely to send back their purchases.


Facebook is making major changes to your  feed

Facebook is adjusting its strategy to reflect changing media consumption habits. Based on total engagement and popularity rather than your personal connections, Meta is aiming to include more AI-recommended material in Facebook feeds. According to Meta: “The Home experience will balance both connected content and unconnected content. We’re working to clean up top-of-feed and make it just as easy to see Stories from friends as it is to discover new content in Reels. We’re also exploring a Community Panel to give direct access to the communities you care about most. Finally, we’re testing a product to give you predictable access to your connected Feed, with the ability to sort in chronological order and filter by Groups, Pages, and Friends”.