Social Media Round Up

February 22, 2024


Social Media


Instagram’s Testing New Limits on Hashtags

Instagram, the popular social media platform, is currently testing new limits on the number of hashtags users can add to their posts. Hashtags are a crucial tool for users to reach a wider audience and increase engagement on their posts. The new limit being tested is believed to be around 5 hashtags per post, which is a significant reduction.

By limiting the number of hashtags, Instagram aims to improve the user experience by reducing spammy content and making posts more meaningful and relevant. Users will need to be more strategic in choosing the hashtags that best represent their content and target their desired audience. Users need to adapt to these changes and find creative ways to optimize their hashtag usage to continue growing their presence on the platform. As Instagram continues to evolve, staying informed about any updates and adapting your social media strategy accordingly is key to success.

Meta Prompts Advertisers to Purchase Boosted Posts on Desktop To Avoid Apple Fees

In response to Apple’s new privacy measures affecting targeted advertising on mobile devices, Meta (formerly Facebook) has been encouraging advertisers to purchase boosted posts on desktop platforms to bypass these restrictions and avoid the associated fees. By promoting posts on desktop, businesses can still reach their target audience effectively without being hindered by the limitations imposed by Apple’s privacy changes.

This strategy allows advertisers to maintain their advertising efforts and engagement with users across the Facebook platform while adapting to the evolving digital landscape. By leveraging desktop advertising, companies can continue to connect with their audience, drive traffic to their websites, and achieve their marketing goals without incurring additional costs or facing significant disruptions due to the changes in mobile advertising policies.

As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, businesses must remain agile and explore alternative strategies to optimize their online presence and reach their target audience effectively. By considering options such as boosted posts on desktop platforms, advertisers can navigate the shifting dynamics of online advertising and continue to connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

Instagram’s Testing Carousel Posts Within the Reels Stream

Instagram is also currently testing a new feature that allows users to post carousel posts within the Reels stream. This new functionality will enable users to share multiple images or videos in a single post, similar to how carousel posts work in the main feed. By combining the engaging format of Reels with the versatility of carousel posts, users will have more creative freedom to share their content in a dynamic and interactive way.

This new feature could revolutionize how users interact with content on Instagram, providing them with a richer storytelling experience and more opportunities to showcase their creativity. It may also open up new possibilities for brands and influencers to create more engaging and immersive content that resonates with their audience. As Instagram continues to evolve and experiment with new features, it showcases its commitment to staying at the forefront of social media trends and meeting the changing needs of its diverse user base.