Social Media Round Up

July 9, 2020



Social Media


Facebook Adds New Community Management Courses 

Have you been struggling to build a community via Facebook? Well, you are in luck. This week, Facebook has announced that it has launched new Community Education courses for its users. The free courses stream directly to the app’s Blueprint training platform. 

For those wondering, what is community management? Community management is the process of building a genuine community among your customers or followers on Facebook. This can be done through a number of different interactions and methods. The new eLearning programs cover a number of elements that build up community management including, building an online community, best practices for managing audiences, serving relevant content, engaging and moderating a community, measuring, and analyzing community success. Each element is featured in its own lesson to make the education process less overwhelming. 

For some, these lessons may be a little redundant but for beginner community managers, these courses are definitely a valuable resource.  


Instagram Features New ‘Shop’ Tab 

We will soon be seeing a new ‘Shop’ tab on Instagram. The platform is currently testing a tab that will show more purchase options. This all falls under Facebook’s goal of expanding its selling options. 

The new tab will replace the ‘Activity’ tab. The shift to the eCommerce focus on the app is due to the current climate. With COVID-19 shutting down a number of businesses, people are looking for more online shopping opportunities. 

According to Forbes, “mobile devices are the most popular device for online shopping by a wide margin. 72% of consumers are using mobile devices to shop in stores according to the latest PYMNTS’ 2020 Remote Payments Study.”  This makes Instagram’s new ‘Shop’ tab a brilliant strategic move by Facebook.  


LinkedIn Adds New Follower Analytics Tool

For more transparency, LinkedIn has added a new feature so company pages can see who has followed their page in reverse chronology. This new listing feature can help companies better connect with their new followers and potential new customers. It also helps provide more insight into who their audience is on the platform. 

Another new feature introduced by LinkedIn is limiting the number of times company pages can invite other accounts to follow them. Company pages are now provided 100 credits monthly credits. Each page invite will cost one credit. If the invitee accepts the page will receive that credit back. The goal is to help limit company pages from spamming other accounts for follows.

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