Social Media Round Up

January 14, 2022


Social Media



Instagram Tests New ‘Status’ Display

Do you want to know what other users are up to on Instagram? Instagram is in the process of testing a new option that allows you to set a status notification on your profile. If made available, users can select a status that appears right under their profile picture and in their direct tab. To actually make the status, users must go to their IG direct messaging tab. The whole purpose of this feature is to help enhance Instagram’s dm experience. 

TikTok Tests New Invite Connects from Other Apps Feature

TikTok is always looking to expand their following. One way they are looking to do that is by allowing users the opportunity to invite their connections from other apps to view their TikTok clips. This is a great way for the user to help build their following and for TikTok to build their audience.  

Twitter Is Looking To Build Their Keyword Blocking

Twitter has been working to make their platform a more safe and inclusive place for their users. According to Twitter: “We’re working on some updates so keywords you’ve muted and accounts you’ve muted/blocked stay out of a few more places. First up, Events. Now across Android, iOS, and web, Events from accounts you’ve blocked or muted won’t appear in your Explore tab, “What’s happening” sidebar and emails, or Event-based notifications.” By making these loopholes nonexistent- Twitter will be better protecting its users.