Social Media Round Up

September 1, 2022

Social Media





Instagram Reels are generating the most reach on the platform.

At the moment, Instagram is heavily focused on video. According to platform chief Adam Mosseri, to best serve its customers, Instagram intends to take advantage of the trend of increased video engagement. The HypeAuditor team conducted a study in July 2022 to assess the most recent engagement trends based on format. With 42% of all posts on Instagram being images, this content type is still the most popular. With 26%, carousels came in second. Even though they are the third most common post type, reels consistently have the most significant platform reach.


TikTok Launches New Shopping Ads as it Continues to Push Ahead with its eCommerce Integrations.

With the launch of new Shopping Ads, which will provide brands more options to advertise their items in-stream, TikTok is moving forward with its effort to integrate eCommerce. According to TikTok: “Shopping Ads is a simpler, smarter, and more advanced ad solution that helps brands meet shoppers wherever they are in the purchase journey, sparking demand and boosting sales. It’s a three-in-one solution with new formats to adopt and combine: Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads, and LIVE Shopping Ads.”


YouTube users saved an average of over 900 years of video time per day when watching at faster speeds.

The available speed options on YouTube are 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, Normal (the default), 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x. As you might expect, most people watch at a normal pace. However, when using this option, YouTube discovered that, in most cases, users choose to watch a little bit quicker. People used this tool to speed up content more than 85% of the time. Apart from normal speed, 1.5x is used most frequently, closely followed by 2x and 1.25x.

Furthermore, the most popular speed among perfectionists who enjoy custom speeds was 1.1x. Additionally, in the evening, with a spike beginning around 11 p.m. in their local time, viewers more frequently use playback speeds to either speed up or slow down their videos, according to our research.


Snapchat Launches New ‘Dual’ Camera Option, Similar to BeReal

Given BeReal’s growth and the fact that it is not algorithm-based, it was only a matter of time before the established competitors in the market understood that BeReal’s main value proposition was more of a function than a single app or network. Snapchat says, “With Dual Camera, Snapchatters can create content using their front and back-facing cameras simultaneously.”


Twitter Rolls Out Podcasts in the Spaces Tab, Expanding its Audio Content Focus

The Spaces page on Twitter has been renamed the “Audio” tab and now features an integrated podcast display. On a single screen, the new Audio tab will include podcasts and Spaces content (both pre-recorded and live), with broadcasts categorized into various topics, or “Stations,” as Twitter calls them. According to Twitter: “The new Stations in the Spaces tab will make it easy to listen on the go and multitask while listening to your favorite conversations – be it Spaces or podcasts. Stations are designed to incorporate your interests, and the more you use them, the more accurate they become. Each Station is unique and curated for you; if you like what you hear, give it a thumbs up. If you don’t, give it a thumbs down. They will feature a playlist of live and recorded Spaces and podcasts.”


LinkedIn Rolls Out Option to Pin Comments in Reply Chains

The LinkedIn post reply area now allows you to “pin” a comment, which may assist in drawing attention to the best comments and increase engagement with your posts. You can “pin” a comment from the three-dot menu, keeping that response at the top of the reply chain. This, as previously mentioned, could be a valuable approach to direct the relevant conversation or to merely acknowledge users who have responded to your post uniquely or insightfully.