Social Media Round Up

October 20, 2022


Social Media



Instagram seeks broader ad placement opportunities.

Instagram is starting to take steps towards increased ad availability across the platform. One of the most noteworthy components of this remodeling is expected to be seen among users explore pages. Sooner or later, you may see large ad placements spread across this page, giving businesses exposure on an additional page. In addition to this, Instagram is testing placing ads among users’ feeds. But what does this mean? When you scroll through a user’s personal profile, you may start to see ads sorted throughout your scrolling experience, similar to scrolling through your general feed page. 


You may *finally* be able to edit your Tweets.

Currently only an option for Twitter Blue users, Twitter introduces a new feature that allows Tweets to be edited. However, this feature comes with affordances. Users are only given the opportunity to edit Tweets within thirty minutes that they are posted, and are only allowed 5 chances to edit. This feature is available within individual Tweet’s dropdown menus. An edited icon will be displayed on the Tweet for all users to see once edits have been made.


TikTok creates a carousel mode for photos.

Notice that TikTok’s been looking more like Instagram lately? TikTok has introduced an update that allows users to post groups of still photos in a swipe mode – similar to Instagram. These images will automatically slide, or they can be swiped through at a faster pace. Music and sounds can be, and typically are added to these carousels.


Which link in bio?

Instagram is beginning to open access to a new option for some users – having multiple links in their bio. This feature is still in testing and has not yet been introduced to all users. Lately utilizing third party features like Linktree has become increasingly popular among social media sites, specifically TikTok and Instagram. Enabling third parties like these is not beneficial to Instagram, so implementing a convenient way for users to organize links in-app has been a work in progress.


Meta’s newsletter platform is short-lived.

Bulletin, Meta’s newsletter platform, was introduced in April of 2021. Bulletin was a hub for all sorts of news publications which users could subscribe to. Just this month, they announced the removal of this platform. Meta plans to reallocate this funding to areas of the platform that receive more engagement.