Top 3 Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns

November 24, 2022



Social Media


Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, food, and being thankful. Not for marketing teams, however. As we near the end of the year, the holiday season brings out fierce competition, and marketing teams are ready to roll campaigns. In light of this hard work, we put together a list of the top 3 best Thanksgiving marketing campaigns.

Old Navy’s #OneMillThrill

Old Navy’s #OneMillThrill is, in fact, a thrilling campaign. This campaign encouraged shoppers to come in and shop on Thanksgiving. The first 100 shoppers of every store in North America were entered into the #OneMillThill giveaway. The winner was dubbed an “overnight millionaire”, as they were announced the next day, on Black Friday. The tag went viral as shoppers were trying to get Old Navy’s attention to become winners.

REI’s #OptOutside

Black Friday is by far one of the most popular days to shop in America. REI, however, seems to think of it differently. Rather than opening their doors and offering exclusive deals, REI chooses to close for the day. They spearheaded a social media campaign with the tag #OptOutside to encourage employees, shoppers, and other businesses to take the day off and enjoy the outdoors.

Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke

#ShareACoke is an extremely popular social media marketing campaign from Coca-Cola, replacing their logo from one side of the bottle and personalizing the blank space with consumer names. Coca-Cola understood this campaigns popularity, and developed it into a Thanksgiving campaign. But how did they do this? They suggested consumers to use #ShareACoke bottles as unique dinner table place cards.