Top 5 Social Media Stories From This Week

August 2, 2018



Social Media





The state of social media is constantly changing.  Here are our top 5 updates for you to catch up on!


 1.    Instagram adding a new location feature to Stories?

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that will allow you to select specific countries for your stories to target. While this is still in the developmental stages, we can’t help but get excited when we think about what this could do for engagement and exposure. Businesses would be able to promote location- specific content, which is huge!

2.    Snapchat adds new voice-activated Lenses

Snapchat just rolled out with new lenses (filters) that not only react to your face but to your voice as well!  If you stumble upon one of these new lenses in the carousel, it is going to prompt you to say “Hi”, “Wow”, or “Love”. Just say the magic word and an AR animation will appear over your face!

3.    Twitter features related #hashtags

For trending topics, Twitter is now going to provide users with suggested relevant hashtags to use. This feature will definitely help improve the search for trends!

 4.    WhatsApp Business API

Facebook is starting to invite more businesses to adopt WhatsApp after acquiring the app four years ago. In order to be apart of the next step of WhatsApp Business API, businesses need to apply and be approved by Facebook. If approved, you’d be in the company of businesses like Uber and Wish.

 5.    Instagram and Facebook show us how much time we spend on them

Say goodbye to aimlessly scrolling through social media. Instagram and Facebook have rolled out with a new setting that tracks how much time one spends on the platforms (YIKES!). The feature breaks down usage by daily and average minute counts. You can also set a personal limit for time spent on the app. The goal of this new feature is to help users manage and use their time effectively.