7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram

January 31, 2017

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Let’s face it. Nobody is perfect, especially in the world of social media.

Instagram has become one of the best apps in recent years and is truly a way that brands or individuals can express themselves with a quick upload of a photo or a funny caption. In my time as a social media user (far from an expert), I’ve made some mistakes that are considered to be one of the several no-nos of using the app. These mistakes are cringe-worthy and will send any Instagram user chills down their spine.

Liking that photo from 30 weeks ago

Everyone does it at some point in their social media lives — the dreaded moment when we are snooping a little too hard and accidentally like that bikini photo from 30 weeks ago or like the photo of him holding a fish from two summers ago. At this point, we all have a decision to make whether we should let the like sit there or quickly unlike it (in the hopes their notifications are off and they don’t notice). This is dangerous territory. But whatever the case, own up to the mistake and try to be more careful.

Accidentally commenting on someone’s pictures

Another one of the deadly sins of Instagram is making an awkward interaction or comment. Whether it’s jumbled up letters or an inside joke, it leaves other users feeling left out or quite frankly a little bit weirded out.

Wrong posting times

For those who take Instagram seriously, there is such thing as posting at the right and wrong time. In a study done by the Huffington Post, the best time to post an Instagram photo is typically at 5 o’clock on a Wednesday because that is when Instagram users are more actively engaged.

Going live at the most personal of times

Since the newest addition of live video has become part of the app; it has landed some professionals in hot water when that front-facing camera turns goes on. Some make the mistake of choosing to go on live when intoxicated or even accidentally expose themselves.

Taking down that selfie, and then reposting it

Confidence is key in life and the same logic applies to Instagram. Users don’t want don’t want to see a photo reposted numerous times just because it isn’t getting the amount of likes that one would want.

Be confident in yourself and stick with it! Even if it only gets 40 likes in 40 minutes.

Simply being boring

This applies to individuals and businesses — no Instagram user wants to see the same predictable, boring material week after week or even post to post from anyone. The pictures should be engaging and really speak to whoever your followers are.

Over-instagramming (Yes, it’s a thing)

The last mistake is simple enough to make – posting several photos per day doesn’t necessarily make your brand any more special. The ‘one a day’ rule should be in effect for all users unless the day is really newsworthy.

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