Facebook Is Officially Testing New Instagram Content Calendar Feature

December 17, 2020



Social Media


As we continue to make our way through December, brands are planning out their social media strategy in order to make the most of the new year. To help assist with these efforts, Facebook is officially testing an Instagram content calendar in its central studio tool. 

While this feature isn’t available to everyone yet, Facebook has given a select few a look into this new feature. Within the Creator Studio dashboard the calendar appears on the left hand side function bar in your IG tab in the app. The calendar shows all of your Instagram posts with different icons representing single image, carousels and others.

The calendar also allows you to schedule your Instagram feed and IGTV posts up to six months in advance. Right now you can’t schedule IG stories but we have to remember that we are still in the testing phase. It is likely that once Facebook officially rolls this new tool out, stories will be included because the calendar currently displays story updates, even though you are not able to post them via Creator Studio itself. 

We’re really excited to check this feature out when it becomes available to the masses but until then we highly recommend creating and following a content calendar of your own to organize your digital marketing efforts as you move forward. Planning content out day to day isn’t always an efficient use of time and can leave a lot up to chance. Planning your marketing content a month out in advance and organizing it in a calendar format will better help you achieve your 2021 goals.