How to Combine Your Print and Digital Marketing Efforts

November 29, 2018


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Where do we stand with print marketing? It’s a valid question. In the age of iPhones, tablets and cloud computing businesses seem to be moving further and further away from traditional print marketing.

We’re all familiar with the advantages of digital marketing. Marketing efforts like social media allow businesses to target specific demographics and provide a larger reach in comparison to print. Social media marketing also gives you the opportunity to track its success by providing impression and engagement metrics. This is something that is more difficult to do with print.

Now, with all of these benefits does that mean print is obsolete? We don’t think so! Print can still be effective, especially when it is working hand in hand with your digital marketing. Strategy is everything, and one should be in place when you start incorporating both digital and print to your marketing. Here are a few strategic ways you can push digital marketing concepts through your print materials:

Share digital opt-ins through direct mail– Direct mail is still being used effectively in many business marketing plans. That is why it is worth creating a strong call to action (CTA) featured in your direct mail. The CTA should encourage consumers to find your business online as a way to increase more traffic and awareness.

Hashtags for campaigns in direct mail– Featuring #Hashtag campaigns via direct mail is another great opportunity for print and digital marketing to work hand in hand.

QR codes–  Intertwining your print and digital efforts through QR codes has also proven to be effective. As consumers are scanning their QR codes on their phones they are also consuming the print materials. QR codes allow you to be creative while driving traffic to your business online. A great example is providing customers with QR codes to encourage online reviews. Online reviews are considered to be the new word of mouth and help a great deal with SEO.

Social media reviews in print– Repurposing your content from one platform to another can also combine your marketing efforts. Sharing reviews received on social media in your print materials exposes consumers to your other platforms.

Designing fun, thought-provoking content is always key. When the target audience is able to interact with both the print and digital materials it will have more of a lasting impact.

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