How To Grow Your Following On Social Media

August 29, 2019


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Over the years it has become a common practice for some to purchase followers in order to grow their social media presence.  While this might seem like an easy course of action, it has been proven that buying followers is not the most viable option long term. This is because you are only buying a number. The majority of these new “followers” are inactive accounts or bots. This means your engagement rate will not reflect your new number of followers. That is why we recommend growing your following in a more organic way with the following methods.

Know and Engage Your Audience

Knowing your audience and engaging with them is a great and natural way to grow your following. It’s very important to remember to be social whenever you’re on social media. It’s the best way to better understand your audience and why they are following your account. Not only does your audience appreciate but Instagram does too. Instagram’s every changing algorithms put a huge emphasis on an account’s engagement. The higher your engagement, the more exposure your account has to gain new followers.

Post Consistently 

Instagram’s algorithm also wants to see accounts post consistently. Many accounts who post once a day have found that they gain more followers by doing so. Posting at the best time for your account can also help with growing your following.

Utilize Hashtags

Having a hashtag strategy is also key. According to AdWeek, “Instagram posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6% more engagement than those without.” The benefits associated with using applicable hashtags in your post cannot be understated and a recent study by found that, “including hashtags in the post caption resulted in 9.84% more likes, and 29.4% more reach. Placing the hashtags in the comments resulted in 19.3% more comments.” All in all, using the appropriate hashtags will get your content in front of the right people and that will grow your following.

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