Instagram Launches Layout (Collage App)

March 31, 2015


Social Media


Last week Instagram released their very own Collage App called “Layout.” Prior to this release there have been plenty of other applications with this functionality, however nothing specifically developed by Instagram, Inc.  This collage building application allows users to easily sync up their Instagram app and compile different photos to share on Instagram, Facebook, or other applications that support image sharing with a much different UX (User Experience).

Instagram reports that one in five active monthly users have posted some form of a collage at least once.  Today, the app stores are filled with utilities that offer this sort of capability – including apps like Pic Stitch, Pic Collage, InstaCollage, PhotoGrid, and many others.  Personally, I have always used PicFrame.  These apps are all very similar in functionality and it really comes down to personal preference and choosing the UX you’re most comfortable with.

I have to give a tip of the cap to Instagram as they took this functionality and put their own spin on it rather than just replicating what these other apps were already doing.

Most collage apps open up with empty grids and allow you to choose the layout you want.  Layout by Instagram takes a different approach… They feel the most important piece is selecting the actual photos first, so they open up the app with your Camera Roll.  As you select different photos, Layout then presents you with different options using those photos in a preview.

Another very interesting feature is “Faces.”  This is a filter option at the bottom of the app that allows you to filter by people that you have already selected in the initial photos.  Layout also added a “Photobooth” element that allows for most spontaneous photos.  Once you hit the Photobooth button and choose a collage style, Layout will give you a countdown prior to capturing a series of photos that fit within your new collage.

There are multiple other features, including Grid Options, that most other collage apps have already covered.  Overall it’s a really simple and user-friendly application that we highly recommend for all Instagram users, especially those interested in posting collages.

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