Instagram: See You Later Squares

August 28, 2015

Social Media



I’ve been wanting this update for awhile and it’s finally here.  No longer will Instagram users be confined to cropping everything into perfect squares, but now you can go full horizontal or vertical with your photography.  Nothing worse than seeing someone screenshot a panoramic photo and try to make it fit on Instagram… You literally lose all the details.  Well this update that came out yesterday is making sure you don’t lose any edges (unless you want to):

It will be interesting to see what clever ways people start to use these new features as it translates to video as well, not just photography.  We will be exploring the different possibilities with our new Instagram posts as well as the social media accounts that we currently manage, so stay tuned!

Here’s the Instagram video exampling the new features:


Do you like the new update OR would you rather keep only squares?

Leave your comments below!

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