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December 16, 2014

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Facebook and Twitter… Check!  Our Social Media Marketing is all set, right? Wrong.

More and more clients are asking us “Should we be on Instagram?” – The simple answer: YES!

Recently Instagram passed Twitter for active monthly users.  This proves the point that PEOPLE WANT VISUALS! Yes, Twitter has the visual component, but the vast majority of tweets are simply text… Visual posts are literally all Instagram has: Video or Photo.  Twitter co-founder and board member Evan Williams recently said “I don’t give a sh*t if Instagram has more users.”  I’m sure he doesn’t, however Instagram has a better UX and is simply more engaging.  It’s time to start utilizing it if you are currently inactive.

After you get signed up….

1.  What do I post?

One of our clients recently said “People don’t want to see pictures of me sitting at my desk all day.” – You’re probably right, but that’s not the content that we would recommend for you and your business.  There needs to be a balance of fun images and business images.  Here’s a few different examples from our Instagram Page (click to view large):

FACTS: Introduce cool facts that maybe people don’t know

FUN: Get creative. This doesn’t have to be your own photo!

YOURSELF: Humanize Your Brand! Show employees and the office environment!

2.  Connect To Your Audience

  • Connect your different social media accounts  (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to Instagram so your audience knows you are (1) on Instagram, and (2) they can follow you.
  • Use relevant, popular hashtags #TBT #FollowFriday #Marketing
  • Engage by following others and liking their photos… easiest way to get noticed is tell people you’re there by Liking/Following them.

3.  Try Using Video

Instagram released the video functionality over a year ago now and it was a big hit to the company Vine.  Instagram allows for longer videos as well as a few other added benefits:

4. Embed Your Content

The above image is a little outdated as Instagram content (video + photo) CAN be embedded and it’s very easy to do.  The best use of this embed is to add it to a blog post on your website.  Here’s where to find the embed code:

5.  Run a contest or have a giveaway

Not getting the traction you want right out of the gates? Run a contest and have set requirements.  For an example, if we were to do a contest, we would annouce a specific prize and have rules like:
  • Follow Yelling Mule on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Post a photo on Instagram of (whatever is relevant to your business) using Hashtag #YellingMuleGiveaway and share it on Twitter
  • The most creative post will be announced the winner on (whatever the deadline is)
 Very simple and straight forward.  Plus if you were to giveaway an iPad or Apple product, you would have TONS of people entering and sharing your brand

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